Let us help you sort out any challenges you are having with your furry family member.  We offer in home private lessons, tailored to your dog’s specific challenges, and group lessons for starting your pup off on the right paw.  Book online to reserve your spot today!


Private Lessons


Are you looking for one-on-one support for you and your dog?  Does your dog only offer behaviors at home that you are looking to curb?  Are you unable to travel to a central location or have a schedule that makes it tricky to work with a set schedule?  Private lessons give you the benefit of our knowledge of dogs in the comfort and ease of your own home.  Lessons are scheduled based on your availability.  We come to your home to make it easier to work around other activities that are already planned.  Don’t let your dog get worse and practice behaviors that you don’t like because your schedule and lifestyle doesn’t work with traditional classes!

Group Lessons


Do you want the benefit of having other dogs around when you train your dog?  Group lessons offer our amazing training and knowledge with the added bonus of extra socialization, added distraction to help your pup pay attention to you regardless, and a set day, time and location to get you out of the house to work and bond with your dog.


Not sure what option suits your dog and your schedule best?  Book a consultation to have a sit down with us and we can help you determine which option would be best for you and your dog!  Consultations can run up to an hour and cost $80.  No training will be done at this time.  Consult fees will be deducted from your private lesson program if booked within 48 hours.

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