Let us help you sort out any challenges you are having with your furry family member.  We offer in home private classes tailored to your dog's specific challenges.  Book online to reserve your spot today!


Puppy Kindergarden (8-16 weeks)

Learn some interactive ways to teach your young pup manners from an early age!  Through the use of games and light training, we will help you get an early handle on the "puppy crazies"!

Only offered as an in home session until your puppy has at least 2 sets of shots.


Puppies (16-24 weeks)

Begin to focus more strongly on instilling good behavior in your new family member!  Sessions can be done in home or out and about in the real world!  We will only focus on 3-5 behaviors or ways to solve challenges per session.


Youth/Adult (6 mo +)

Got a "wild child"?  Need to instill some manners in your older dog?  This option is perfect for your not-so-puppy!  We will show you how to work with your dog to bring energy down and increase focus.  Less focus on puppy behaviors and more on creating a polite pooch!


New Beginnings

The New Beginnings certificate course is a 5 week course (including test and grad photos) that covers all the basic manners required of a family dog.  Get the benefit of a group class with dedicated one-on-one attention for faster results!

  • Focus (eye contact)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Take it/Leave it
  • Loose leash walk
  • Drop it
  • Sit to greet (people)
  • Recall (up to 6ft)



Does your dog have their basics down?  Ready for a new challenge?  Novice is the next step in your dog's education!  Over 5 classes we will work on the following new behaviors.

  • Heel
  • Wait
  • Stand Place

In addition we will add difficulty to the already established cues below.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Recall
  • Stay


Treadmill Training

Looking for an outlet for your hyper-active pooch?  Need to be able to have your dog burn energy when it is too cold for those long walks?  Let us help you teach your dog how to walk on, and enjoy, a treadmill!


Consults are often required before starting your dog in our training.  They cost $15.  A consult gives us a chance to see the behaviors you need help with prior to training and helps us develop a training plan customized to your dog!

Ready to get your dog on the right track?

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Wondering what is required for classes?

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