Well Mannered

Does your dog need a little help getting to the point where you could call them Well Mannered?  This program is designed for those looking to brush up on a few cues, teach your dog a fun new behavior, or work to modify minor behavior problems.  Help your dog master their house manners and polish their leash skills.  With 4 lessons held in the comfort of your home, we can target any challenges in the moment and with the same stimuli that normally causes their less than ideal behaviors!  We will cover your choice of up to 5 cues to help you and your furry friend reach the title of Well Mannered!

Well Mannered 3

Better Behaved

Has your pooch already achieved basic leash and house manners?  Looking for more of a challenge?  Our Better Behaved program is designed to help you achieve on leash reliability - 100% of the time!  With 2 field trip lessons, you are able to put your dog in real-life situations and help proof their reliability on leash around distractions.  We will help you and your dog excel at up to 10 cues of your choosing in a home environment before venturing into real life situations.

Better Behaved 5

Dream Dog

What does your Dream Dog look like?  Do you envy those with reliable dogs off leash?  Let us help you guide and shape your dog to be the dog you always wanted!  With 4 field trip lessons, we help you proof cues in real world situations for daily reliability.  Half of your field trips will be on leash adventures and the last two will have the potential for off leash proofing!

Dream Dog 4


Initial Consultation

In Home Lessons


Training Equipment

Additional Equipment

Field Trips

Photography Session

Unlimited Refresher Lessons


Well Mannered




Better Behaved



25 Foot Long Line


Candidly Canine

- 30 min photoshoot

- Single Dog

- 5 Digital Photos


SAVE 10%

Dream Dog



50 Foot Long Line


Waggin' Tales

- 60 min photoshoot

- Single Dog

- 10 Digital Photos

6 Months


SAVE 15%

Training equipment included with all our programs includes a martingale collar, 6 foot leash and a bag of treats.