No dog is truly hypoallergenic. People can be allergic to a dog’s hair, dander and even saliva. It is always encouraged to meet and interact with a dog you are interested in to see if you have a reaction to them. You may also develop a bit of resistance to your own dogs once they have been around you for a while. (It is not generally recommended by allergists to be in constant contact with your dogs at home if you have allergies to them!) The dog breeds listed below don’t shed as many breeds do. Their hair tends to only fall out when brushed or broken.

Any dog that is crossed with a poodle doesn’t make it hypoallergenic. The poodle fad right now with crossing breeds is supposedly because the poodle creates a mix that doesn’t shed. This is not true. Because there is no standard (according to the kennel clubs) for any of the poodle crosses, there is no consistency in the breeding. You can get 4 different dogs that look very different from the same parents. Some will shed and some won’t, depending on whether they got the poodle’s hair or the other dog’s fur.

Pictures are pulled from Google Images and list was sourced from Homes Alive Pets

Tibetan Terrier
Portuguese Water Dog
Bichon Frise
Scottish Terrier
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Kerry Blue Terrier
Irish Water Spaniel
Yorkshire Terrier
Shih Tzu
West Highland Terrier
Cairn Terrier
Bouvier des Flandres
Brussels Griffon
Chinese Crested
Border Terrier
Silky Terrier

Remember to always do your research into the breed you are leaning towards. Take into account their activity levels, grooming needs, potential genetic issues and the space you have for a dog.