About Us

Gerrod – Photographer

I have had an intense interest in photography for many years now.  I am always trying to figure out how to take better photos of constantly moving targets.  I am experienced with the lighting of dark dogs so that you can see their expression in the photos, not just a dark mass.  Dogs are our life, so it only makes sense to try to capture their personalities on film for their loving families.

Our Dogs

We have 2 rescued “pit bull” type dogs.  Tux (Black) is going on 7 this year and Beau (Brindle) is going on 5 (2018).  We have had each of them since they were roughly 2.  They are such a handful, but so worth it!

We love the stigma’d breeds – don’t hesitate to bring us your pup because of a stereotype.  Each dog deserves to be seen as an individual and treated as such!

Jacqueline – Trainer

I have been a dog trainer since 2010.  I started off doing training classes for PetSmart and developed an appetite to learn more about training.  I completed my Animal Behavior College certification in early 2012 and used that knowledge to continue helping as many pet parents as I could.  I have run group classes and private classes depending on the needs of the dog and owner and absolutely love seeing a dog and their family learn and grow together!  I am always looking to expand my knowledge by doing additional courses.

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